Nail Fungus Laser Treatment

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Toenail fungus is a quite notorious infection. This infection will make you feel embarrassed to wear open shoes and hurt your self-esteem. To add to this, you might find yourself spending a lot of money and wasting a lot of time trying to find the right oral medication for this infection. Some of these medications may have nasty side effects on your body. If this has been you or someone you know, then you have a reason to celebrate. Recently, nail fungus laser treatment has picked up a lot of traction thanks to its massive success in combating this infection.

Nail Fungus Laser Treatment

How it works

Nail fungus laser treatment has grown in popularity because of its success in full treating this fungal infection. This treatment works incredibly well as compared to other forms of fungal medication. In laser treatment, a medical grade laser beam is used, and it is essential that you find a well-qualified podiatrist to administer the treatment. The laser is pointed to the infected toenails, and it kills the fungal organisms inside the infected toes. This procedure takes almost an hour and is fairly hustle free.

There is no pain involved so no anesthesia is needed and you don’t have to do anything else other than sit and get treated. The results are visible after an hour of treatment as the nail starts losing the yellowish fungal pigment and becoming clear. A patient is cured when the new fungi free nails are fully grown. Depending on the severity of the infection you might have to have more than one laser treatment sessions to clear the fungal infection from your toenails.

Types of laser treatment for nail fungus

Nail fungi laser treatment started back in 2009. At this time, podiatrists used different types of medical grade laser to treat the fungal infection. Today, there are two major types of FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved laser treatment for nail fungus.

PinPointe was the first laser to be approved by FDA last year, and early this year another laser, GenesisPlus, was also approved. Both of these laser treatments have been put under numerous tests and proven to be safe and effective against nail fungus.

Why should you pick laser treatment over other remedies?

Nail fungi laser treatment can be summed up as revolutionary as compared to other forms of nail fungi treatment. This is because it beats all the other nail fungi treatments hands down in every aspect.

Here is why you should choose laser treatment:

You will save a lot of time and money
Laser treatment is much more affordable compared to other forms of fungal treatment such as oral medication. Sure, it might look expensive, but you have to consider that you are guaranteed positive results. You need one to three laser sessions, and you will be okay. On the other hand, oral drugs may be ineffective leading to numerous trips to the hospital. This is time and money
you can save through laser treatment.

No side effects
It is very much common knowledge that a lot of chemicals in your body may cause you harm. Oral anti-fungal contain a lot of chemicals. Long-term usage of these oral antifungal may lead to adverse health side effects. On the brighter side, nail fungus laser treatment has no side effects on your body. This is because no chemicals enter your body and the laser beams used for this treatment have specifically been designed to only eliminate the fungi inside the nails.

Almost zero recurrence rates
Nail fungus is quite notorious and stubborn. Without careful treatment, the fungus may decline but not get eliminated. This may give you as a patient a false sense of getting cured only for the infection to rise again after some time. This is much more common with oral medication treatment. Nail fungus laser treatment is more targeted, and thus there is a guarantee that the fungi will be eliminated.

In cases where the podiatrist sees that the fungus is not entirely eradicated, they can recommend a repeat session. This will make sure that all the nail fungi get eliminated, and there will be an almost zero chance of reoccurrence.

If you have been suffering from toenail fungus, it is time for you to embrace laser treatment. Nail fungus laser treatment is incredible; you have to see for yourself.

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